Search Within

The In-between, that’s where your space of wisdom is. Look and search very deep within for this.

Between the thoughts, between the sounds, where you feel unleashed and with no bounds.

This wisdom might be surrounded in darkness, but with your souls’ shining light you will reach this consciousness.

So, when life appears in shades of grey and you feel totally clueless- this is the place where you should look for your bless.

The answers to all your questions about you will be found here. Because those type of questions can never be answered by anyone else out there.

Meditate and focus to find your souls’ deepest part. However, sometimes you might also need input from your mind and heart.

A balance of these three sources seems to be the human goal. Although, the source carrying your truth is solely your shining soul.


Overthinking About Thinking

A thought can make you do things, a thought can make you feel. Therefore I wonder, is a thought for real?

If every single one of them are true, do they all then have a parallel reality where we belong too?

If so, does this mean- that everything we ever thought of happened exactly as it was seen?

Thinking like that, there is nowhere in this universe I have not been at.

Where is the beginning of a thought, and where is the end? And if every thought is your responsibility how can you them ever defend?

What is this matrix of thoughts in my head, and where do all these thoughts go when I am sleeping in my bed?

So whatever the thoughts in my dreams made me sense, has that then been a real experience?

So many questions, or are these also just thoughts that I made up? If so, really… how can I make them stop?

Are there answers? Is there a receiver? Or is overthinking a way for us to evolve?

One solution theory, is probably, to let my thoughts be, and stop (over)thinking that this is something I need to solve.