Overthinking About Thinking

A thought can make you do things, a thought can make you feel. Therefore I wonder, is a thought for real?

If every single one of them are true, do they all then have a parallel reality where we belong too?

If so, does this mean- that everything we ever thought of happened exactly as it was seen?

Thinking like that, there is nowhere in this universe I have not been at.

Where is the beginning of a thought, and where is the end? And if every thought is your responsibility how can you them ever defend?

What is this matrix of thoughts in my head, and where do all these thoughts go when I am sleeping in my bed?

So whatever the thoughts in my dreams made me sense, has that then been a real experience?

So many questions, or are these also just thoughts that I made up? If so, really… how can I make them stop?

Are there answers? Is there a receiver? Or is overthinking a way for us to evolve?

One solution theory, is probably, to let my thoughts be, and stop (over)thinking that this is something I need to solve.

Choose Your Growth

Where light is, darkness is found. Sunlight provides shadows, this is profound.

Black versus white, day versus night. Someone has to be wrong and someone has to be right.

Yes! No! Stay! Go! So, without a decision- have we no vision?

Do we always have to be extended, searching for the extreme? Then what happen when we are just perfectly in-between?

When there is no competition, nothing wrong, nothing right. Is that the balance that keep unconditional Love and Fear out of fight?

When drifting within the known scale of the rainbow with no contrasts, there is no room for competition. This because each color is perfectly, uniquely fulfilled and in total completion.

Is that harmony? Is that balance? When there is no contrary and no challenge?

If not at our high and if not at our low, will we then not develop roots, and will no flowers bloom nor grow?

Likewise, as without your darkness, your light won’t show.

So, back to universal total Alchemy again. It is only at equilibrium, where we stably remain.

Love Is Best When Shared


With my poetry I hope to inspire you to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Writing is one of my ways for self-healing. My texts are summaries of my deepest thoughts about the meaning of life, the universe and all kinds of existential philosophies. Putting that into words help me reach a deeper part of myself and to higher awakening. I find harmony in poetry.

My vibe is created by my passion for nature, science and rythm. Love in its’ purest form that is. And Love is best when shared.