Choose Your Growth

Where light is, darkness is found. Sunlight provides shadows, this is profound.

Black versus white, day versus night. Someone has to be wrong and someone has to be right.

Yes! No! Stay! Go! So, without a decision- have we no vision?

Do we always have to be extended, searching for the extreme? Then what happen when we are just perfectly in-between?

When there is no competition, nothing wrong, nothing right. Is that the balance that keep unconditional Love and Fear out of fight?

When drifting within the known scale of the rainbow with no contrasts, there is no room for competition. This because each color is perfectly, uniquely fulfilled and in total completion.

Is that harmony? Is that balance? When there is no contrary and no challenge?

If not at our high and if not at our low, will we then not develop roots, and will no flowers bloom nor grow?

Likewise, as without your darkness, your light won’t show.

So, back to universal total Alchemy again. It is only at equilibrium, where we stably remain.

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